Fertility Treatments for Jennifer Aniston

Recent reports reveal that Jennifer Aniston is getting Chinese medical treatments aimed at increasing fertility.

“She’s also using acupuncture and having yoga sessions at her home to de-stress and get her body baby ready.”

For women over 40 years, declining egg quality is often the primary issue of infertility. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine can be effective treatments to help improve egg quality so women can conceive into their 40s.
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Acupuncture and Male fertility

From a Chinese medicine perspective, the main cause of male fertility issues fall under two categories. I look for deficiencies in certain areas. I also look for factors which may prevent good blood flow to the pelvic area recognising other pathogenic factors that may cause stagnation, such as damp and heat.

A study conducted by The College Of Shanghai University Of Traditional Chinese Medicine reported that: Acupuncture Treatment was shown to enhance semen quality and the quantity of sperm. Alongside this the spermatogenic environment improved (indicated by a significant decrease of mucosity and liquefaction time). Equally important, it found that the sex hormones were normalised.

When working on male fertility issues I always look at lifestyle, diet and supplements, because so much improvement can be made by implementing changes in just this area alone.

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