Acupuncture and FSH levels

Acupuncture may help reduce Follicle Stimulating Hormone.

When assessing a patient for suitability for IVF there are a few things that your clinic will take into account. Your age and two hormones – your FSH levels and AMH. Some clinics also take your antra follicle count into consideration when deciding which protocol to use.

FSH levels can change from month to month, unlike AMH levels that diminish with age, and may be tested by some clinics once a year. FSH levels increase with age, meaning that the egg follicles are becoming less responsive as you move towards menopause. So as the FSH levels rise, this indicates that the ovaries are struggling to get the hormonal message to stimulate and create a healthy egg ready for ovulation.

Weekly acupuncture in the month prior to beginning your IVF cycle (long or short protocol) may help to bring down stress levels and help reduce FSH levels.

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Understanding Sperm Quality.

The Current criteria by which sperm should be analyzed is laid out according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines 2009.

To get a firm understanding of sperm quality, the test should include information about the following:

  • Appearance
  • pH (acidity/alkalinity)
  • Volume
  • Consistency (liquefaction and viscosity)
  • Agglutination (sperm stickiness)
  • Concentration (sperm count)
  • Motility (how the sperm move)
  • Morphology (sperm shape)
  • MAR test (antibodies)
  • Other cells.

Acupuncture assisting hormonal balance

Hormonal imbalance can trigger off an immune reaction. This may lead to conditions like premature ovarian failure. Hormonal disturbance of the thyroid may be diagnosed by a simple blood test. In studies carried out by RESOLVE it was found that 23% – 35% who have suffered from recurrent miscarriage have antithyroid antibodies, compared to 10% – 17% who carry to term. Antithyroid antibodies can be an indication of hypothyroidism, a very common complaint in the UK and may contribute to a woman’s tendency to miscarry.


Acupuncture and Bringing your body into harmony with its self :

Understanding your Body’s Immunological Reaction

Our immune system is a complex set of circumstances; put into simplistic terms it is the function that allows our body to identify “self” and “non self”. If this system becomes out of balance then the ability to identify and regulate which is self and non self becomes blurred and the body begins to destroy self. This is commonly know as an autoimmune disorder. With such a disorder, the body looses the ability to discriminate between what is safe and what may be harmful.

Becoming pregnant is a condition that may trigger reactions from the mother’s own immune system. Working alongside western medicine using techniques such as acupuncture, good nutrition and adding vitamin supplements may increase your chances of a successful pregnancy.

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