Beyond Perfect

“Isabella Charlotte born 7.50 this morning 8lbs 3ozĀ (May 2014).

Jacqueline was recommended to us by our Consultant at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine. After 3 unsuccessful rounds of ICSI (one of which resulted in a miscarriage at 6 weeks) over 2 long years, I was keen (and a bit desperate!) to try something new.

Jacqueline immediately put us at ease & I commenced regular sessions. The appointments gave me the opportunity to completely focus on this round of ICSI & truly relax. During this time, Jacqueline provided constant emotional support & advice.

I had a very positive response to the stimulation treatment & produced 16 eggs of which 9 developed into embryos. We were able to have 7 embryos frozen; something which had never been an option for us.

My pregnancy was confirmed on 14 September 2013. We were in shock & Jacqueline was one of the very few people we told about our news. I continued to see Jacqueline throughout my pregnancy & the appointments gave me the confidence to believe in the pregnancy & focus on my unborn baby.

Isabelle was born May 2014 & is perfect. After years of unsuccessful treatment, we honestly believe that we wouldn’t be in this position today if we hadn’t met Jacqueline & are so grateful for what she was able to do for us.”

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