The Little Monkey surprised us

The Little Monkey surprised us: Born 18th Sep 2014 born 6 weeks early.

I began to see this lovely couple in January 2013. At that point they had been trying for 1 ½ years to conceive. They had begun assisted conception with two stimulated cycles of clomid, without success. The couple came to see me to help enhance their fertility and to improve their chances of success with their IVF cycle at Coventry Reproductive unit (CRM) The couple had acupuncture treatment along side their long protocol IVF / ICSI. The response to this first round was poor; it proved that in hindsight preparation could have been better.

After this first failed attempt we reviewed what had happened and discussed how things could be improved, I used electro stimulation acupuncture to give a deeper treatment. We were able to recruit 6 eggs 4 of which fertilised and we were able to go to blast. This was a great improvement and resulted in the birth of their beautiful baby daughter.

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Over the moon and feeling truly blessed

“Over the moon and feeling truly blessed on 27th August 2014 our beautiful baby daughter was born.”

I began to see this lovely couple in February 2012. At that point they had been trying to conceive for 2 years. They were about to start their first round of IVF at Coventry Reproductive Unit (CRM). The couple had Acupuncture treatment alongside their long protocol IVF and were over the moon as everything seemed to go amazingly well, resulting in a positive pregnancy test and 2 frozen embryos. Unfortunately the pregnancy miscarried at 7 weeks.

Of course this was devastating to the couple and time was needed to process this event. We looked at immune issues and other aspects that may have contributed to the miscarriage. A frozen transfer was then tried that sadly failed.

Then in Nov 2013 the couple decided to try a fresh cycle of IVF, again at CRM with Dr Rina Agrawal. This time they were feeling totally prepared – it was a very successful cycle resulting in a positive pregnancy and again we were able to get 4 frozen embryos. Throughout the pregnancy acupuncture was given once a month and helped. Acupuncture was then given once a week in the final month to help get ready for labour and on the due date electro acupuncture was used to get labour started.

After a very long fertility journey this couple are now the loving mommy and daddy to a beautiful baby girl.

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