We are so pleased

“We are so pleased to finally announce the birth of our son Ike. I. F born 4.11.14. R did amazingly well, a long labour but all fine and delivered naturally. Thank you. We would not be here without your help. J and R”

I saw this lovely couple just as they were about to begin their first cycle of IVF. I gave acupuncture treatment during their long protocol IVF cycle. The first cycle sadly failed but after careful consideration the couple decided to try again.

This time we were able to prepare a little more; I gave electro acupuncture prior to the assisted cycle, plus advised an endometrial scratch. This cycle was successful! We had a pregnancy and I saw this patient for monthly pregnancy acupuncture treatments. I also helped treat symptoms of morning sickness and SPD later on in the pregnancy with acupuncture. The couple now have a beautiful baby boy.

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Hi Jacqueline

“Hi Jacqueline I just wanted to let you know that we had a baby boy named A on the xx September  weighing an impressive 9lb 1oz! I just wanted to thank you for all your help I really think the acupuncture is what helped me fall pregnant! I will def be back if we decide to try for another one… If there are any eggs left!”

At the age of 30 this young lady discovered that she had an ovarian reserve (AMH) of 0.06 . Unfortunately suggesting that she was suffering from premature ovarian failure (POF). She was devastated that her dream of having her family had been so cruelly compromised. Having  been told that her only chance of becoming a parent would be through adoption or donor egg, she contacted me at the end of October 2013 and by the end of Dec much to our delight she was pregnant. I treated this patient for two cycles with electro acupuncture, we also added supplements and dietary changes to help with egg quality and to help warm her uterus, this area had previously been remarkably cold. The changes with treatment were remarkable and the success resulted in a beautiful baby boy.

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From the first meeting

“From the first meeting with Jacqui, I felt warmth and comfort and knew that she would be able to support us through the journey we were about to start. After every session of acupuncture I walked away calm and ready for the next step, feeling positive. During the treatment, I couldn’t of asked for any more from Jacqui, she was an amazing support and her wealth of knowledge made the whole experience that little less stressful. She was flexible finding time to see me day or evening and happy to go that extra mile. Jacqui and her husband Ray make a great team. I had a thai yoga massage the night before the transfer by Ray, which was just amazing. I felt relaxed and slept so well as all anxiety was forgotten. They make a fab team and both genuinely care.

Now with a positive result I cannot thank Jacqui enough, I do believe it was down to her expertise and support. She got my body into the best possible place ready for the treatment and kept me sane mentally. My husband also had acupuncture, which he really enjoyed as it made him feel even more part of the journey too.”

Fertility treatment can very stressful and for many it’s overwhelming. There is so much information to take on board, having someone help and support at this time is very useful. IVF/ICSI can be very costly so its really important to make the very best of your first attempt; preparation is key – mind, body and spirit. acupuncture treatments can be key to helping people with this process.

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