Our girls have arrived

Our girls have arrived! F, is 4lb2oz and S is 3lb12, born at 7.30 ish this morning. Mom and babies doing well. Babies will in SCBU for a little while as expected for 34 week arrival.

I saw this lovely couple after they had been trying to conceive for 2 years. They were suffering with a very low AMH (low ovarian reserve). They had experienced a very poor response to an IVF cycle leading to the cycle being abandoned. When they came to me the couple were keen to try a donor egg.

They were extremely patient and after counselling decided to have donor treatment in this country. After a few failed starts we were able to get the endometrial lining to a good thickness with electro acupuncture. One embryo was transferred and low and behold it divided and they were now having an identical twins pregnancy!

This gave pay to stress and anxiety of a different nature again needing some counselling. I gave monthly acupuncture treatments up to 34 weeks and the twins were born by C section.

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Here at last

“Baby E, has arrived we are over joyed and look forward to you meeting her very very soon thank you Jacqui xxxx”

I saw this lovely couple after one failed round of IVF. They were suffering from severe OHSS (Ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome). They had recently conceived naturally but had then had a natural missed miscarriage. I originally saw this couple for counselling, having experienced extreme anxiety and stress from the whole experience. They were now now suffering with OCD amongst other symptoms of depression. After 6 sessions of counselling the couple decided that they wanted to prepare for their next round of IVF.

I gave nutritional advice to help with PCOS and 8 electro acupuncture treatments to help treat the symptoms of PCOS and also prepare for the next assisted cycle. There was a possibility of OHSS so treatment had to be done with caution. Unfortunately, the IVF failed – OHSS meant that they produced many eggs but sadly of poor quality, so the next step needed to be carefully considered.

Because I have helped so many couples I was able to offer advice about clinic options. I was even fortunate to have a few couples who were open to talking through their experience of having treatment. We short-listed a London clinic – Lister Fertility Clinic. I advised the couple to have an endometrial scratch and gave acupuncture to assist through the short protocol IVF. I also gave electro acupuncture to help with the male issue, prior to giving the sample.

We got a positive pregnancy test! For the first trimester we gave reassuring ultrasound scans to help with anxiety issues. I gave acupuncture treatment monthly throughout the pregnancy and finally a beautiful baby girl was born.

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10 Days over due

“7lb14oz Baby girl arrived at last, such a big day we will not forget in a hurry, we could never have done this without you.”

I saw this lovely couple after 2 years of trying to conceive naturally. They were now going to begin their IVF / ICSI cycle and wanted to make sure that they would give it the best possible chance so they came to see me. We looked at taking the very best supplements for both of the couple as there was a considerable issue with sperm quality. I gave electro acupuncture for a month prior to the assisted cycle.

Everything went beautifully during the long protocol, the response was perfect until the day after collection – at the last minute it was decided that IVF should be given instead of ICSI and none of the eggs had fertilised. The couple were of course devastated. After considerable counselling by phone I helped write a letter to the fertility unit – we managed to convince them and they agreed to another ICSI cycle. This time it was completely successful – we had a pregnancy and the couple now have a beautiful baby girl!

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