After having tried to conceive for several years, having gone through several fertility treatments and one failed IVF, we got in touch with Jacqueline in December 2014. Her great knowledge and support have been invaluable and I got pregnant in February 2015. I continued to see Jacqueline all through my pregnancy and gave birth to a little girl in October. The key benefits of seeing Jacqueline is not just her range of treatments but also her broad foundation of knowledge and her extensive medical contacts with fertility experts in Coventry and Warwickshire, which enabled us to access treatments that had not been mentioned by the NHS. Alongside all this, she’s a very friendly and compassionate lady who takes the time to listen and understand your situation holistically. S and M

I saw this lovely couple at the end of 2014 ,During our initial consultation they explained that they had been to see many Drs before and that their treatment ,although good , seemed” not joined up. S ’s diagnoses of Lupus rang alarm bells for me . Autoimmune issues may of course impact on implantation and result in miscarriage or repeated IVF failure (RIF) . So I suggested seeking treatment with some of the best professionals in the field , who happen to be at University Hospital Coventry . Within 1 full cycle , 6 acupuncture treatments in all prior to her positive pregnancy test.. I saw S through out her pregnancy, along with regular once a month pregnancy treatment I also treated for back pain and stress. After lots of ups and downs, there was a very real chance that the Lupus condition may affect the growing Foetus . S finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl .On a personal note I have never experienced such bravery , through out this process S remained balanced and reservedly positive .

Jacqueline Hurst

This message from a beautiful mommy is what makes all of my work worthwhile , the best gift ever thank you ….

“Happy new year to all my Facebook friends n family I’m spending it watching baby tv on the sofa with my little angel, 2015 will forever be imprinted on my heart as this was the year a little miracle came into our lives, I want to especially thank Jacqueline Hurst for her support through my journey it was all possible thanks to you. I wish you all tons of happiness, wealth and health in 2016 ❤❤❤”