Fertility Support and Consultant Referral

I met this lovely couple in August this year, they have been trying for a baby for 1 year prior to seeing me. They had been pregnant but traumatically received news that the foetus had stopped growing at their 12 week scan, they were obviously devastated and very fearful of what may happen next.

They came for me for extra support, during my initial consultation I made suggestions regarding supplements and additional blood test that may be could be requested from her GP. I then carried out a number of acupuncture treatments. The couple successfully conceived after the first month of treatment, in the early weeks I helped with a consultant referral due to some initial spotting and the pregnancy is progressing perfectly, we are currently waiting for 12 week scan. I see her once a month for treatment and support.

We can provide a bespoke service when working with our clients and work closely with Dr. Agrawal, to ensure that all our clients get the support when and where they need it.

Deciding to have a consultation with Jacqui was one of the best decisions we have made for a long time. From the first consultation it was great to know that we had a fertility expert on our side. She was extremely reassuring and compassionate about our situation and straight away made sure we were on the correct supplements, tracking ovulation correctly and advised some initial blood tests. For me this included testing my thyroid and giving me the information to challenge the GP when my test results showed levels that could be reducing our chances of conceiving and increasing the risk of miscarriage. After the first month of acupuncture we had fantastic news! Unfortunately, a week later I started spotting and this brought all the worry and anxiety back. I contacted Jackie and she booked me into the see Dr. Agrawal at CRM the next day. At the consultation we had a full history taken, scan (everything ok so far) and further blood tests. Due to our history we were also given a private prescription for progesterone to stop the spotting. It was really reassuring that we had done everything we possibly could do to support our baby and it was only through Jacqui that we were able to get such a quick consultant referral. Since then we have had a further two scans and everything is looking good. We keep everything crossed for a positive 12 week scan and I will continue to see Jacqui throughout the pregnancy. I cannot recommend Jackie enough. We are extremely grateful for all her expertise, help and support throughout what is a very emotional time.

Hope you’re keeping well!!

Hi Jacqueline,

It’s been some time since I’ve been in touch, but I just wanted to let you know that we had a beautiful baby girl on 22nd September, weighing in at 6lb 15oz (2 days early). Baby Mia is our dream come true!

Thanks for your positivity in the time I spent with you.

Hope you’re keeping well!!

Take care,

A xxx

I’ve done 5 tests but still hasn’t properly sank in yet.

Hi Jacqueline,

Hope you’re well. I can’t quite believe I’m writing this but over the weekend I’ve found out I’m pregnant! I’ve done 5 tests but still hasn’t properly sank in yet. I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support. I know how slim my chances were so I know how much the acupuncture has really helped to give me a positive result this month. Would I be able to continue with acupuncture during pregnancy? It has really helped me sleep better and stress less so I would love to continue with it.

Thank you so much

F xxx

I saw this lovely patient for just 4 sessions ,the couple had been trying to conceive for 18 months prior to seeing me , this was to be her 5 th cycle of clomid. Having been diagnosed with PCOS and having only one functioning fallopian tube chances of getting pregnant was only ever going to be every other month. I treated once a week with Acupuncture during her cycle and suggested some other supplements and dietary changes and we were able to get a positive pregnancy test.
Congratulations and very best wishes

Twins weighing 6.5lb and 6.10lb.

Hi Jacqui,

How are you?

x and x were born 23rd Sept both by forceps weighing 6.5lb and 6.10lb.20161004_170925

We spent a week in hospital and have now been home a week. I am still recovering but the boys are doing really well.
It’s certainly turned life upside down and the sleep deprivation is really hard going but we have our miracle babies and wouldn’t change that.
I have attached a photo and once I’m feeling better I hope to bring them to meet you 🙂
Thanks for all your help and support over past year.

Thank you so much your fantastically effective treatments!

Hi Jacqui

So here is baby Girl Dv!! Born at 7.30pm on Wed 28th weighing 8 pounds 9 ounces! My pains turned in to contractions quite quickly on Wednesday late morning, I stayed at home until 4.30… When I went in to hospital I was 9cm Dilated, pushed for an hour and a half at 6pm and she arrived shortly after!! No tearing thank God and completely drug free apart from a bit of gas an air for the last cm.

Thank you so much your belief, confidence and fantastically effective treatments! If it wasn’t for coming to you to start with, I would never have had this baby.

Much love

I had some acupuncture with you

I don’t know if you remember me? I saw you last year for AMH testing and had some acupuncture with you- I was lucky enough to fall pregnant and am now mum to beautiful baby G:First of all from my HUSBAND and I (he proposed just after we found out I was expecting) I’d like to say a massive thank you for all your help and support. I am sure your lovely calm influence and the fab acupuncture you did helped things along. Being a mum is the most wonderful experience.

I am also emailing with a query: My husband and I just love being parents and would hope to be lucky enough to give Grace a sibling. When we were trying to conceive previously you gave me an information sheet with a list of vitamins to take. Though we are not actively trying for baby #2 yet I thought it may be prudent for me to start taking vitamins again so that when we do start trying again there is a good build up in my system. Is there any chance you could send me the list of recommended vitamins again please?

I may well be in touch again next year for more acupuncture- watch this space!

Thank you