Big brother is smitten too!! Here’s a few pics!!

Hi Jacqui

Hope you’re well!

I just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to a little girl, Edith Rose on the 19th November, pretty much started gentle contractions after your treatment on the Thursday!
These carried on until Friday late evening when we went to hospital. We arrived at 1am Saturday to be told despite the pain I was only 1cm dilated much to my disappointment! And that I may have to go home as it could be 10 hours before I got to 10cm, however my contractions quickly intensified and I stuck to my guns and thought it doesn’t feel like I’ve got 10 hours to go and within 1.5hrs of being examined I’d given birth!!image1image2 It was v intense, but I kept mobile!! And we were discharged by Saturday lunchtime, v different to my C section the first time around 😊. And we’re all really well, just enjoying the 2nd baby rather than worrying about what they should/should not be doing like you are with the 1st!!

Big brother is smitten too!! Here’s a few pics!!

Thanks so much for everything.

V xxx

Consultant Support Services

We are always looking at ways that we can further support our clients and give a First Class service.

Working with Consultants Dr Rina Agrawal and Dr Soma Mukherjee we can now provide the following services:

  • Support When Travelling Abroad for Fertility Treatment (or Far from Home in the UK)
    • Scans, blood tests, acupuncture and consultant care.
  • Ultra Sound Scans
  • Consultant Care – before and during pregnancy.

Our Consultants

Dr Rina Agrawal

Pre Conception and Early Pregnancy – Working with Dr Rina Agrawal we can give our clients a first class service; ultra sound scans, advice and referral for consultant lead care.

Once you are pregnant, in those vital first few weeks we can offer reassurance ultrasound scans and consultation, providing immediate care and treatment.

Dr Soma Mukherjee

8 Weeks Pregnant – Once you are 8 weeks pregnant we can offer you the fantastic support of Dr Soma Mukherjee, her out standing work with multiple pregnancies and for those that have suffered with pregnancy loss or high risk pregnancies gives our patients the opportunity to receive immediate private treatment and on going care.

Fertility Support prides ourselves on offering the very best professionals giving our patients the very best experience whilst working towards the dream of having the beautiful family they so dearly deserve .

All Scanning and pregnancy services are carried out at UCH Coventry