We saw our little baby BB again today.

Hello our little xmas angel.attachment-1 I hope you are well. We saw our little baby BB again today. 12weeks 1 day and a real little wriggler. Our dreams have come true and cant believe it….all thanks to you. We are saving the news until xmas day to tell the family. Thank u thank u thank u. Lots of love. L & R and Baby BB xxxx

I can’t thank you enough.

Hi Jacqueline, hope you had a nice weekend. I can’t quite believe that I’m writing this but we had the best early Christmas present yesterday with 3 (I had to be sure!!) positive hpts! It’s still sinking in and but wanted to let you know straight away. I’m due to see you a week in Thursday. Shall I email Rina too now? I genuinely believe that seeing you over the last few months has not only given us the tangible things that we needed but changed both of our frames of minds too in a way that we couldn’t have done alone and I can’t thank you enough. I know it’s early days still – I’m trying not to let my overthinking get the better of me and will just take one day at a time but we are over the moon. See you soon, love J xx