She offers a really unique service that……

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support Warwickshire.

I went to see Jacqui after 6 months of trying for a family with no success. After just one cycle of acupuncture treatment with her (specifically tailored to help enhance fertility at various stages of my cycle) and starting a number of supplements she recommended, I fell pregnant. She was very kind and knowledgeable through the process and really put me at ease. I learnt a lot about the reproductive process from her that I didn’t know, including tips to boost my chances, and she recommended some insightful books for me to read too. She also put me in touch with an excellent specialist, Rina Agrawal at Coventry hospital, who ran a series of tests on me, which really made me feel like I was doing something about the situation, taking control and therefore I felt much more relaxed. I can’t thank Jacqui enough for what she has done for me, as I’m certain her input held the key to my success and I’d recommend her to anyone who is struggling to conceive. She offers a really unique service that is unlike any other acupuncture treatment, as it’s so tailored and specifically geared up to helping you conceive. In fact, she came by strong recommendation to me, since she has treated several of my friends who also fell pregnant after her treatments.  Thanks so much Jacqui! Keep up the good work!