Blood Tests (Fertility Support Patients Only)

We are able to offer all and any blood tests that you may require. Jo our phlebotomist will arrange to see you for an early appointment so that all blood tests can be sent off that same morning to the lab. We often get results back the next day. If you are receiving treatment abroad then all results can be sent to your clinic directly from the lab, you will also receive a copy.

The blood tests that we are most frequently asked for are:

  • Hormonal profile
  • STD profile (bloods only)
  • AMH test
  • Pregnancy level HCG test .

We can undertake any blood tests needed, all with absolute confidentiality, no need to take time off work or wait at the hospital / GP’s office, blood test can be taken in the comfort of your own home . We can also schedule exact timing of your blood test – this is most important when gauging hormone levels during your cycle or whilst using stimulation drugs.

Contact us in confidence, for more information or to book our blood test services.