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Consultant Referal

Sometimes we find that a patient might have specific fertility issues that require consultant assessment. Getting specialist knowledge, right from the start is very important as it can save precious time, heartache and expense. We have close working relationships with leading consultants and can generally gain fast access to the services that will be most beneficial and informative.

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Latest Consultant Referal Testimonials:

I met this lovely couple in August this year, they have been trying for a baby for 1 year prior to seeing me. They had been pregnant but traumatically received news that the foetus had stopped growing at their 12 week scan, they were obviously devastated and very fearful of what may happen next. They […]


“I have been meaning to email you since June to let you know all about my beautiful baby boy, A M. He is such a happy smiley baby and is a total blessing to me and j. If it wasn’t for your care and attention he wouldn’t be here now. I am so grateful for […]


“Upon your referral to Dr Agrawal, we were eligible for treatment on the NHS. Once tests were carried out, we found out that * has a low AMH level, and that my sperm, although very high on numbers, lacked mobility. We were asked how we wanted to proceed. After careful thought we decided to try […]