Fertility Support Somerset

Fertility Support

Somerset, Street ,Glastonbury, and Wells

I see women and men from right across the reproductive health spectrum: from those who are who starting out trying for a baby and just need some reassurance, to couples who have fertility issues and who are looking to get pregnant naturally, through to couples who need IVF or other forms of assisted conception, .


Whether you are trying for a baby naturally or through IVF, My holistic approach sets me apart from other fertility and IVF Practioners.

I develop and  tailor your treatment plan of action and keep it under constant review so that you know that your treatment is proactive and you are being supported throughout.

Jacqueline is a Zita West Network Founder member but also works with many of the best fertility clinics in the UK and throughout Europe. She is a member of The British Fertility Society (BFS) and Eshre Jacqueline attends both their Bi Annual Conferences, this allows her to gather all of the latest research and fertility statistics, so that she can provide the most up to date information to her clients. Jacqueline is  delighted to have a strong working relationship with 
Dr Rina Agrawal