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Appointments, weekdays last appointment 6.30pm.  Saturday appointments available
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Please see below for prices of some of our services:If you’d like to book an appointment or get in touch with us by ‘phone, please call:: 07857 421488

Traditional Diagnosis and First Acupuncture Treatment including information Pack containing tips for concieving naturally, information for successfull IVF, male fertility, including relaxation CD for pre and post transfer, and post transfer advice, plus detailed nutritional information, £65.00

    • Fertility Acupuncture Treatments £55.00 per session,
    • Consultant referrals £35.00
    • Pregnancy Acupuncture ( Monthly) £45.00 including first trimester information and advice, nutrition for pregnancy information, and Labour CD.
    • AMH Fertility Testing and Consultation £130.00
    • Counselling  Couples counselling   £75.00 per session. (90mins)
    • Fertility Counselling, £50.00 (Including bereavment and loss)
    • Implications Counselling: £50.00

Payment by bank trensfer / Cash

For prices of other services please Contact Us .