We welcomed our beautiful little boy

We welcomed our beautiful little boy Ollie into the world on the 18/1/20 and motherhood is even more amazing than I had imagined (although I do miss sleep). He was born 7lb 11 and now at 15weeks he’s a proper chunk 😂.

Unfortunately we had to have a little help via forceps for delivery but he arrived safely and he’s simply perfect. I want to thank you so much for all your help and support not just with the acupuncture but also being a great listener and understanding concerns I had from my journey prior to conceiving Ollie

Corona Virus

We are delighted to inform you that the HFEA issued an update on Friday the 1st May that IVF clinics can apply to reopen from the week commencing 11 May. We will be in touch with current clients within the next week, new clients can call us on 07857421488 to book a Skype /Zoom / WhatsApp consultation ahead of opening.

Forever in your debt

“We were trying to conceive naturally over a period of 18 months and were referred to the Centre for Reproductive Medicine by our GP, after several appointments with a Registrar which took away further time in our pursuit we simply were not getting anywhere. I came across Jacqueline’s details online and saw that she had a professional affiliation with our Gynaecologist  and didn’t hesitate to get in touch with her especially as she is located on my doorstep. I was apprehensive initially about opening up to a complete stranger at an incredible vulnerable and distressing time.
We were invited for a consultation which was understandably a fact finding exercise to cover the ground required to formulate a path forward covering both emotional and physical wellbeing, supplication, health markers and key requirements we needed to cover to create a baseline.
We felt a sense of relief at a time of emotional distress because we were struck by Jacqueline’s ability to bring a sense of calmness and enable us to create coping mechanisms to achieve better self control and emotional balance which certainly helped with strategising in our pursuit to conceive naturally, as we were able to focus on the elements that we could influence to better position ourselves.
After a cycle of targeted acupuncture treatments, we were referred by Jacqueline to our Gynaecologist of care so we could move under a consultant led treatment, within 1 monitored cycle under this dual care we conceived naturally and continue to have regular treatments throughout the course of the pregnancy.
An incredible relief, words cannot describe how eternally grateful we are for Jacqueline’s continued support and counsel.

We would wholeheartedly recommend

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

for any couples seeking fertility support, acupuncture and counselling.

Forever in your debt.”

Thank you for helping me

Hi Jacqueline

I’ve been meaning to contact you. I just want to thank you for all you did for me helping me  get my beautiful baby boy Joel born 9 th August . I came to see you October & November last year for acupuncture. I hope you’re doing well & I always recommend people to you. Wishing you a Merry Christmas 🎄🎀



My holistic approach sets me apart………..


Whether you are trying for a baby naturally or through IVF, My holistic approach sets me apart from other fertility and IVF clinics.

I develop and tailor your treatment plan of action and keep it under constant review so that you know that your treatment is proactive and you are being supported throughout.

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support Warwickshire


Arrived on Monday morning at 9:30 weighing 6lb 13oz.

Hello Jacqui! Baby H J arrived on Monday morning at 9:30 weighing 6lb 13oz. We had a great natural labour at Warwick hospital. Listening to my relaxation tapes, candles, massage and lots of hypnobirthing breathing allowed me to labour and deliver him without any pain relief. He is a really chilled out little dude who is a great feeder and sleeper 😊 we are both completely in love with him! Thanks so much for your help and support over the last year 😘 I’ll be in touch to arrange a visit once we settle down. Hope you’re well xx

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support


I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me.

Hi Jacqueline
I’m so terribly sorry that I haven’t been in touch. I had an even worse rough patch after we last saw each other.
 I was made redundant (they tried to pay me next to nothing so I had to really them which took a lot of doing) then I had a miscarriage. Shortly after that my brother  tried to kill himself by jumping from a rail way bridge. He broke both of him hips and his foot. He was lucky to survive. All of that happened within 5 months of each other and it put a huge strain on me and Kieran. We’ve just about survived it.
Then my redundancy battle ended and I came away with a years salary. my brother recovered and I came to terms with the loss of the baby.
my husband  and I were not in a great place but we knew we wanted to still be together and “T”was absolutely thriving so we were moving on. Then K was offered an amazing opportunity in shanghai working for the Chinese enterprise and we went for it!
5 months of planning later and we arrived in shanghai yesterday. We will be here for three years all being well.
It was a huge risk and I hope it pays off after everything we’ve been through.
I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for me after losing A and then B. Your sessions honestly saved my life. Thier loses will always sit extremely heavily with me and I am still grieving for both of them.
We would absolutely love for your and Ray to come and stay with us here. I will send you our address. I have to sign off now as T is causing havoc!
H xxx

Baby Loss awareness week

A Bud That Never Bloomed

My dear little baby,
That once inside me grew,
I’m so unbearably saddened that,
I’ll never get to meet you.

I will never be able to
Watch you sprout and grow,
and bloom into the person
That I wanted so much to know.

So for now I’ll tend your memory,
Water it with tenderness, feed it with love,
And one day I’ll see you blossom
When we meet in Heaven above.

“But there is always hope”

Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support



There is a very good reason for that !

Hello Jacqui,
Hope you are well. I’m aware it’s been a while since I saw you for my last acupuncture session. There is a very good reason for that in that we welcomed our little girl into the world on 31st May.
Some photos attached if you’d like to include with your other success stories. A couple from shortly after Freya was born and then some that are more recent.
(F) is now just over 13 weeks and doing well. Thank you for the help and support as I went through all of the various procedures.
Kind regards
Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support

I have also recommended you to two of my friends!

Hi Jacqueline

Hope your doing well, I just wanted to say a massive thankyou again for all your help – my little girl E.R is 5 months now and doing amazing and I just wanted to say thankyou again for all your help with my fertility. I have also recommended you to two of my friends so I think they will be in touch soon.
I have attached a few pictures 🙂 
A & E x
Jacqueline Hurst Fertility Support Warwickshire