Acupuncture for Fertility

Fertility Acupuncture may help to prepare a woman’s body and mind to conceive and support pregnancy, as well as alleviating stress which can be a common factor whilst trying to conceive. For male clients it has also been suggested that acupuncture may help to improve sperm motility and morphology .

How Acupuncture may help fertility:

  • Regulating the menstrual cycle.
  • Reducing stress by decreasing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system – high stress levels are associated with reduced chances of conceiving.
  • Improving blood circulation to the pelvic organs including the ovaries and uterus, allowing the reproductive organs to work to their full potential.
  • Increasing blood circulation to the uterus ensures optimal endometrial thickness.
  • Trigger ovulation in some women with ovulatory dysfunction.
  • Help women with PCOS, endometriosis, dysmenorrhea or pelvic inflammation.
  • Improve sperm motility and morphology.

There is a need to have far more large scale clinical studies into the use of acupuncture generally, in the field of natural fertility and also working alongside western medicine in assisted conception. We believe that the care and treatment that acupuncture offers has been tremendously beneficial and the feedback that we have received from so many of our patients has been that acupuncture treatment has left them relaxed, combined with a feeling that they have been acknowledged, supported and nurtured through what is for so many a very stressful time.

Acupuncture for Treating Fertility

Hormones and cycles govern women who are trying to conceive. Acupuncture helps make that connection between the heart and the uterus, following the principle that Qi becomes blocked by strong emotions. In western medicine, the heart is the organ that performs the physical function to circulate blood around the body; in eastern medicine the heart is called “The supreme Controller” and rules over not only the physical aspects of the body but also the mind and spirit. The very strong emotions of stress, worry or anger may impact on the ability to maintain regular cycles and fall pregnant – more about acupuncture.

How might acupuncture feel and what will happen during my first treatment?

Acupuncture patients are sometimes anxious on their first visit, especially if they have never had acupuncture before. The feelings generated by the needles are quite personal, you may feel a dull ache or tingling around the insertion site of the needle but this is often described as pleasant. Some people say that their body feels heavy, some say it is very deeply relaxing and enjoyable. The treatment is individual so on your first visit, Jacqueline (more about Jacqueline Hurst) will take notes about your medical history and lifestyle, as well as making an observational diagnosis. She will give you a questionnaire that is carefully compiled to provide her with important information – this can be emailed to you at the time of booking or given to you at the initial consultation.

How many sessions of acupuncture will I need?

If you are trying to conceive naturally then we usually say that during the first month (cycle) Jacqueline will see you four times, sometimes six if you suffer from PCOS. Then, if the first cycle is unsuccessful we recommend 3 times in the next 2 cycles. Your specific needs will dictate the amount of Acupuncture required.

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