Here to help on your Fertility Journey

FERTILITY SUPPORT is a healthcare clinic with an extensive and proven experience, offering a full range of fertility services in the United Kingdom and is based in Warwickshire, natural fertility, assisted conception and pregnancy.  We see clients who are just starting out and need some reassurance, have fertility issues, are looking to get pregnant naturally, having IVF, have had previous failed attempts or have had miscarriages. Contact us in confidence for a free consultation about our fertility support services including acupuncture, counselling and ultrasound scans.

Natural Fertility

Just decided to try for a family, finding it difficult to get pregnant or experiencing recurrent miscarriage - we can help!


Assisted Conception

We can help you make sure that you are doing everything possible to increase the likelihood of conception holistically.



Supporting your body through pregnancy is really important. Looking for help with mindfulness or relaxation we can help.



Acupuncture can enhance male & female fertility, natural and assisted conception and is useful at all stages of pregnancy...More


We can help and support you in your journey to having a family and supporting you whatever the outcome...More

Ultrasound Scans

A range of ultra sound scanning services including: early pregnancy scans, reassurance scans & follicle tracking scans...More

Recent Posts

Difficult and upsetting times

I turned to Jacqui for help after suffering some very difficult and upsetting times trying to get pregnant. Jacqui has helped me to understand everything from dietary requirements and fertility advice to emotional support! She helped be through my IVF journey every step of the way. Acupuncture sessions were fitted in around key times of […]

We are over the Moon

Hi Jacqui I was recommended to go and see Jacqui by a friend who who had previously seen Jacqui and became  pregnant. After quickly falling pregnant with my first child, it came as something of a shock and disappoint that I didn’t fall pregnant as quickly the second time around. After 10 months of trying […]